Almost everything refuses to work with this 20-bit format, but here’s a process I found to work.

DVDDecrypter can demultiplex the stream and split it into chapters.

  • In the settings, on the IFO tab choose splitting by chapter. On the Stream processing tab ensure Convert PCM to WAV is unchecked.
  • Choose IFO mode
  • Select the PGC in the Input tab
  • Enable stream processing, check only the LPCM stream
  • Choose Direct Stream Copy
  • Choose an output folder
  • Hit the decrypt button

You should now have a folder with PCM files in, which nothing understands. Except Twen.

For each PCM file in turn:

  • Press open, select the PCM file.
  • Press Process.

That should create a WAV file for each chapter, which nothing understands. Except ffmpeg.

From a command prompt in the folder with the WAVs,

for %f in (*.wav) do "path-to-ffmpeg.exe" -i "%f" -acodec flac "%~nf.flac"

You can now get rid of everything except the FLAC files in that folder. They should be playable in your favourite music app, as 24-bit 48kHz FLAC.