(Or playing back 44.1Khz 24 bit lpcm on the S370)

I wasted quite a bit of time trying to work out what kind of container to put HDCD-decoded audio into to get it to play on the BDP-S370.

The short story is this:

  • The audio should be on a local USB drive (not DLNA). I haven’t looked into DVD-R yet.
  • The S370 will play 44.1Khz 20-bit from a 24-bit wav file (like HDCD decodes), but the decoder I used had made a wav that the Sony player didn’t like (nor did Windows Media player). Doing a conversion in foobar2000 to a wav with the same bit depth and no resampling made a new 24-bit wav that played fine. I checked the actual bit depth with eac3to and found it to be 17-20 bits as expected.
  • DVD/DAT style audio at 48Khz will also play fine, as will Hi-Res audio at96Khz/24-bit. To get 96Khz through my amp (the STR-DH520) I had to set the “Audio Out” setting to “Amp” (not “TV + AMP”), the same was true for playing back SACDs in 5.1.

I might look into higher than 96Khz, or storing the audio on optical discs next. If I’m bored enough :-)

Equipment / Test disc used:

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